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International Women’s Day; a new holiday for Berlin

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In 2019, Berlin becomes the first federate state in Germany to celebrate the 8th of March as a holiday, meaning it will be a new work-free day in celebration of International Women’s Day. The debate came up because Berlin has the least holidays in all of Germany (nine holidays, whereas Bavaria for example has 13) and recently, the nordic federate states have declared the 31st of October (Reformation day) to be a public holiday. Berlin did not actually plan to initiate a new public holiday. With support from die Linken, SPD and the Green Party, the decision to make the 8th of March a public holiday was made in November 2018. Continua a leggere


The Humboldt Forum: Colonial history in the 21st century

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A new museum is being built in Berlin, it is supposed to open in 2019, not far from the museums island. The Humboldt Forum is going to be the new building which will house the ethnological museum, the museum for Asian art as well as a Berlin-Museum and what is called the Humboldt-Labor by the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Construction is still underway, the first exhibits are being brought into the museum and visitors can get first impressions in the Humboldt-Box, a temporary exhibition which tells the story of the place and allows for a panorama-view of the city and a look into the works taking place from a rooftop-terrace and restaurant.

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A carnival of cultures

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Berlin does not celebrate Fashingl, at least not when everyone else does. Around Ash Wednesday it is surprisingly quiet in town, no Kamelle[1], no cut off ties on Women’s Carnival Day –  unlike in other parts of Germany and the world. Continua a leggere