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Treated Like A Royal




En-me-barage-si of Kish is a name that won’t mean much to anyone. However this is the name of the first ever known “king”, dating bawn by the name “Bretwalda”, the Anglo-Saxon for “ruler of the British.” But these monarchs were back in the days before democracies, when Royals led the country from the front and made decisions on their country’s politics. As one of very few left, the UK acts as perhaps one of the best examples of a modern day, western monarchy. But today’s royals are seen as nothing more than a set of figureheads, no longer in charge of a third of the world. Even the UK royal family website states, “The Sovereign no longer has a political or executive role.” However they must have their uses, or else there wouldn’t be a need to maintain them. So the question is, is there any point in keeping them?

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